Travelling Thursday: Beijing

Hello little Marshmellow’s! Welcome back to Travelling Thursday! Today we go and explore a little about Beijing, this was part of my Hong Kong trip (you can go read that here: Travelling Tuesday: Hong Kong) where I started off in Hong Kong, went for a week to Beijing and then back to Hong Kong. Again, my Dad took these photos.

Beijing, this was an interesting place, very foggy, a bit on the dirty side and very cold. I had gone before the Olympics, but only 2 years before, Beijing were getting prepared for it and they had the signs, a countdown and the mascots for it. We even saw the famous “Bird’s Nest” being built which was designed by an Australian designer.


I really liked the rich history of Beijing, it was interesting and very traditional, it was to be treated with respect. We began our adventures by going to the country side of Beijing, the poorer areas and the areas with a lot of temples and incense; it was a time for reflection and respect, seeing how the people of Beijing lived.


We saw the famous Tiananmen Square:



My parents and I when we weren’t in our tour group just wondered around, went to the silk markets where dad almost made a lady cry; I wanted a pair of converse shoes, they were AUD$40 and my dad bartered for them to AUD$20, they lady kept repeating “YOU KILL ME! YOU KILL ME!” until my dad told me to walk away with him, I whispered saying, but I want them, I am happy to pay it, and he said to wait, we heard a frustrated voice behind us, the lady said “Fine!” and so I got them very cheap haha.

We also went off to a couple of temples; we saw the Lama Temple and the Summer Palace.

“The Yonghe Temple, also known as the Yonghe Lamasery, or popularly as the Lama Temple, is a temple and monastery of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, China” – Wikipedia

The Lama Temple was a beautiful temple, bright and colourful.


And then off to the Summer Palace, I really liked the Summer Palace, I think I retained a bit more information there, remember, I was 14 haha.
I loved the story about the Empress who was described as a Dragon Lady, she wanted to be a Goddess, so she built a tall tower and was haunted until she took herself off that pedestal.


We also went to a Panda Zoo, the pandas are so cute!!! Seeing them tumbling around on the jungle gyms and such, I wasn’t too impressed with their indoor habitats, but there outdoor habitats were good. I think they have really cleaned up these days with their habitats.


We went to a Jade Factory, a silk factory and a tea house where this lady did some awesome tricks with the tea cups, it was awesome!


And of course, you can’t go to Beijing without going to the Great Wall of China!

Okay, so I was terrified of slipping and such, like my parents I think they were kind of mad at me because I didn’t want to keep going, but really, I saw people slipping and hurting themselves and such, if you have been to the Great Wall, you will know how hard the stone is and how dangerous it can get when iced over, like I was super terrified, I went up a portion and then came down, my mum joined me once she realised it was super slippery, my dad kept going. Mum and I decided to go for a bit of an adventure, I didn’t take photos of this, but one had I wish I had, and on the other, I am glad to just have been there in the moment, we walked pass a fence and found a tiny shrine with 12 statues that looked to be warriors, it was really cool and isolated, we just spent a bit of time gazing at it and discussing what it could be.


The only hiccups we had in Beijing were; my dad telling our tour guide I can speak Mandarin…. I can introduce myself and say hamburger and count 8… that’s it, we had a man come onto our bus and sell us unofficial Beijing Olympics merchandise (we bought some to help him out) until our tour guide found him on the bus and shooed him away, he then proceeded run after our tour bus, at the Jade Factory we had to wait a while for our bus because our bus driver ran into a police car, had an argument with the officer, so had to be taken down the station, then when we finally came back we got to go to the tea house, the toilets were all squatter ones except for one cubicle that was a regular toilet so we waited ages in a line for it at the Summer Palace, when we went to the underground of the trains I almost vomited because the smell was so vile, my mum was yelling at me to try and get my mind off it, please don’t yell at people to try and take their mind off these things, it won’t work, we had to watch out for the phlegm golly’s everywhere, but other than that, it was amazing time! And I am so grateful for this amazing trip my parents took me on!

All photos taken by my dad! Thank you dad for finding these!


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