Travelling Thursday: San Francisco Part 2

Good morning! Happy Travelling Thursday! Let’s dive back into San Francisco (which I am struggling to say San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6). If you haven’t checked out part 1 you can do so here: San Francisco Part 1

Day 2

Today we were off! Time to explore more of this city! I wanted to see the Painted Ladies, if you don’t know what the Painted Ladies are, they are the famous houses that are each a different colour across from the “Full House opening scene” park.


Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to try and find Full House or Mr’s Doubtfire houses, but this was a really cool thing to see.

We decided to head off and walk to Hating/Ashbury a corner section that is on a street famous for the hippy movement, this is the section to go for vintage clothing and op shopping, also Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for breakfast which we did, why not; I had my favourite, Phish Food. Once we were finished we continued to Ameeba Records, a massive record store that had all your genres you could think of. I found out about this place by my brother when he was in LA because they have one there as well, and I found out about this place by our bus driver who pretty much lives San Fran, he knows a lot about San Fran.


I picked up some cool Back to the Future figures and a CD and then we left to go to the Golden Gate Park, we didn’t get to spend too much time there, but it was a lovely park. My friend and I agreed that if we go back to San Fran again (which we will one day) we need to go back and just take our time and wonder.


As we kept walking through the park we found a Japanese garden’s, oh my, this is so wonderful! So special and tucked away in San Fran, I am sure they are very well known, but I had no idea about this, I love Japanese culture and the flowers and such (and yet, I have never been to Japan) we went in there was a little tea house as well – so we ordered some snacks and green tea and just observed the beauty before wondering through the garden’s. This spot was so special to me.

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When we were all finished we grabbed a cab and went to Japan Town and Chinatown.

When we got to Japan Town we were hungry for lunch and we just wanted something, we found a Benihana, a Japanese tepenyaki place, we had heard of this place and so we thought why not, we had a good meal there, the staff were friendly and the food delicious. We went off to explore more of Japan Town and then when we were finished off to China Town.

We were ready to just now take in the city and just go for a walk, it was a lovely day, kind of cool, but we worked up a bit of a sweat from all the walking when we got to the bottom, we thought that we should go for a cable car ride, we were going to be like in the films and that where they hang off the side and such, but when we got on the open space carriage was taken so we go in the closed space carriage, it was actually pretty fun and a good spot to rest our legs, and we were also going back down once it go to the top, so we had a good chance of getting the open seated carriage.

Once everyone got off, we asked the conductor if we can do a return trip, he was nice and said that we could stay on and just pay him at the end. So we moved to the open carriage, we were ready to do that touristy photo of standing and hanging out, but our nerves and fear got the better of ourselves, we were kind of a bit scared just sitting there because this wasn’t something we were used to, all our trams are enclosed, but it was great seeing the city this way, at times I grabbed my friend with a feeling of falling forwards, this is a safe ride, but when it is going steep down the hill, I was a little bit paranoid.

We ended up near the ferry building market place, next to the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, headed back by bus to Pier 39 (it was a small bus trip that they provide to go between wharf’s).

By the time we got back it was time for dinner, we looked around Fisherman’s wharf so much seafood was out, it looked wonderful but we settled for the Fishermen’s Grotto (I realised I didn’t take a night picture of it, but this is it).DSC05360

We ordered lobsters and prawns, oh how lovely it was, we filled up and ready for a nap! But we couldn’t because we were meeting everyone from our Topdeck to go on a pub crawl – this is something that has become a common thing with our Topdeck, we did it in Vegas and the other places we visited we just found a bar to drink. I am not a huge drinker so I only had one drink from each place we went to.

We kicked off the night at Li Po Cocktail Lounge – I thought this was cool; going somewhere Anthony Bourdain has been too, I love his shows.

We had the mojito that they are known for and it had an odd cherry after flavour, it wasn’t too bad, but probably not my favourite alcoholic beverage, we found this down stairs section that was dark and had disco lights and loud music pumping, but it looked seedy as hell, with silver sequin material pinned to the walls and old lounges and chairs scattered around, thankfully we weren’t in there for long.

We headed through to a bar called The Saloon – this bar is the oldest bar around in San Francisco, opened in 1861 and still stands today holding live music and good drinks. This bar was fun, there was live music and everyone was dancing, I hate dancing with a passion, but one of the guys that joined us that were friends with the tour guides, he was a friendly bubbly person and so I agreed to dance with him.  I loved this night and this bar. I had so much fun here with my friends.

Stay tuned for the short and sweet Part 3 of San Francisco as I say good bye to San Francisco that day.

All photos were taken by me.


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