Wandering Wednesday: Grand Canyon! What a beauty!

What a sight to behold! When you think of America you think of the glitz and glam of Hollywood, the food, and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a nature made Canyon that reaches from Arizona to Nevada – I was lucky enough to have gone in the winter time to see the Grand Canyon.


We had two ways of seeing the Grand Canyon, either by bus and doing a hike down the Canyon or by helicopter – 1. I am a bit lazy so if there is a sit down version, I am taking it 2. I have never been in a helicopter before and have been told it’s so beautiful by helicopter. So of course I went by helicopter.


I have never seen the Grand Canyon in person, I had to see it either on the Simpsons, t

he Brady Bunch and other films and television, and I had seen images and thought it looked beautiful, but wasn’t prepared for what I was going to see.

My friend and I and other people on our Topdeck group who shared the helicopter with us were having mixed emotions of excitement and complete terror as it was all of our first times in a helicopter.

We geared up with our headphones and got in, I was at the back because it went by weight, lightest in the front to heavier in the back and we were off. The propeller begun, we had lift off, the sensation was different to a plane take off because it was much smaller – I was beginning to get nervous until pretty much the soundtrack to Walter Mitty (the Ben Stiller one, not the original) came on making it almost inspirational and adventurous. It is a great soundtrack to be honest.

We were told by our pilot we might see some wild animals, but because it was winter it was unlikely and we didn’t see any, but the trees and the snow was so beautiful and it was like that until the Grand Canyon was upon us, it was such a breathtaking thing to see! It was like trees, trees, trees, freaken Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon, it was so gorgeous and amazing how you would see half the Canyon covered in snow and the other half was dry, we could see the river down below and it was a moment I am glad I took. There was a bit of turbulence that made it drop a little and made us freak out, but other than that, I felt completely safe and was just in awe of it.

I highly recommend going by helicopter, yes it is expensive, about USD$200 but well worth it. I am so glad seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time as by helicopter.

After we got back we were taken to the rim of the Canyon where we could do a walk around at our own leisure.


All photos taken by me



  1. The grand canyon is beautiful. The first time I went I did the helicopter ride and it was amazing, though I was terrified. I also went nearly 2 years ago and spent the day there. I really want to do the rim to rim hike, that is for next time πŸ™‚

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    1. Definitely do the rim hike! And so the Arizona side, I hear the Nevada side isn’t that good. Glad you had a great time doing the helicopter ride! It’s amazing, but like you said, terrifying! πŸ™‚


  2. What a great experience! I love your photos too and you’ve inspired me to look into visiting some national parks in the US. Especially the Grand Canyon! Thank you

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