Travelling Tuesday: San Francisco Part 1

Good afternoon! This Travelling Tuesday we are headed to San Francisco! The city with all those hills, trams, Full House, Mrs Doubtfire, the Golden Gate Bridge and much more!

Day 1

I visited San Francisco in 2015 with my Topdeck tour, we were there for 3 days, we drove after staying around Yosemite National Park and we headed off by bus to San Francisco the traffic was bad, but it was okay, because this place I was looking forward to the most, I had never been to San Francisco, but grown up loving Mrs Doubtfire and Full House, I wanted to go so badly, and I was finally going!

When we got to San Fran, the thing you must see is the Golden Gate Bridge, it was bloody freezing (which I don’t mind because I love the cold, my friend on the other hand, she ran to the bathroom and then back onto the bus where I just wanted to stay and look around the bay), it was windy, I mean super windy, like it was a struggle walking just a short distance because the wind was like nope.


But I got to see the bridge and get a decent gloomy photo of it, and as we saw people falling over and some being dragged by the wind, we thought it was time to head off to get to our hotel.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn which was a charming hotel, so close to Fisherman’s Wharf which was awesome because that was the place to go, especially if you love seafood! After checking in, my friend and I were off, the house, they looked beautiful! Oh how I loved the charming city, I was already in love with it.


We headed to star bucks to get my friend her coffee fix, she still thinks I am a freak for loving the cold and hating coffee (sorry if I just offended you), afterwards we went around Fisherman’s Wharf and saw some cute little shops, then it was time for lunch. We have been told that the seafood chowder is a signature meal in San Fran, especially on a cold day, and we found this small diner looking called ‘Chowders’ that sold two different clam chowder’s,  the white seafood chowder (the traditional white creamy chowder) and the red seafood chowder (tomato based), my friend and I were going to get one each, so I ordered the red one, but they gave me the white one, which I didn’t mind because I think I wanted that one more, hell I could of subconsciously asked for the white chowder, who knows, but when I got it, oh my was it massive! It was huge!!! But I loved it so much that I crave for a good seafood chowder, unfortunately, it is not common at all in the area I live, in fact, I can’t find a single restaurant near me that sell it.


When we had the seafood chowder it reminded me of this scene from the Simpsons (used from

We found an old arcade museum with very old machines, it was amazing, I thought it was a fantastic interactive arcade museum, it was fun and just downright weird, I loved it, I recommend it to everyone, it was right next to an open small Navy museum with good look out to Alcatraz (which shame on us, we were not able to get tickets to).

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Afterwards we went off for sightseeing, we ended up meeting everyone at Boudin Bakery opposite Fisher man’s wharf.

Stay tuned for Travelling Thursday for part 2!

All Photos taken by me



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