Roller Derby in America

Roller Derby in America is awesome, Roller Derby in general is awesome, but if you are from overseas and it’s a sport you love/like/interested in, America is the place to go.

Keys if you don’t understand roller derby terminology:

  1. Bout = Game
  2. Intraleague = home league internal teams, a league will host their own bout’s with their own skaters who are divided into 3-4 teams in the league
  3. Jammer = the one who has a star on their helmet, they are the ones who score the points.
  4. Pivot = A blocker who has a stripe on their helmet; who controls their pack and will usually make the shots.
  5.  Blocker = the ones who are defence and offence to stop the oppositions Jammer from scoring the points and assisting their Jammer to score the points
These are the jammer’s – they are the ones to score the points

I have talked a small bit about roller derby in my life, as I am a current derby girl here in Australia, roller derby is a big part of my life, I have a love/hate relationship with it because it is such a passionate sport, and because of some of my mental health with it, it’s a very intense passion. But regardless of myself in derby, it is a great sport to watch, unfortunately our league doesn’t pull the numbers as much as it used to, especially with other leagues popping up around, but that’s okay, we play for us and the best places for the great atmosphere is the bigger events, bigger than regular league events, the top events are The Great Southern Slam in South Australia, 5×5 in Sydney, Eastern Region Roller Derby in Sydney and Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup which will be hosted in the winning Countries, country. These are the few events that come to my mind that are massive events, I am sure there are many many more.

But for me, I wanted to see a regular intraleague bout in America, I knew it would spectacular and I was not disappointed – I went with my mum in LA to see the LA Derby Dolls at the Doll Factory (a cute name for their venue) in 4900 Alhambra Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032, USA, unfortunately they had to move out and are still currently trying to find a new venue. You can actually donate to them on their Go Fund Me Page

Fun fact: If you have seen the movie Whip It! Starring Ellen Page, Kristen Wigg, Drew Barrymore, etc you would have met a character in film by the derby name of  Maggie Mayham (played by Kristen Wigg), Maggie Mayham was a real Derby Doll and had written this book. The book is titled Derby Girl and it was based on some of her experiences in TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls (Texas Roller Derby). The Hurl Scouts that Baberuthless and Maggie Mayham were on was based on the real team the Tough Cookies in the LA Derby Dolls.

This track (below) is called a Banked track, it curves up and much more smoother – this track is the icon of roller derby as this was the original track to be used. Whip it use a banked track as well. For me I would be terrified to use it, in Australia as we don’t have the facilities (that I know of), we are a strictly flat track which has become the most common track as it is easier to use, this only requires the correct standard measurements which you would find in the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) and you just lay tape and rope to get the correct measurement – this is a removable track, we skate on basketball courts because a lot of us don’t own our own venue, we rent from a sports centre.

Banked track is much more exciting in person, I love banked tracked, but I could not personally do it myself because I would be scared of being unstable and continually sliding down the track into the middle hahaha.


My mum and I had a great time! I wore my league shirt and the atmosphere around us was fantastic! It was a sold out bout and the crowd were a rowdy bunch in a good way that they were cheering and hollering. I got to take some pictures of the Doll Factory. They also had murals of the players and banners, a big area for merchandise and other exhibitors and food trucks outside.

Grandstand tickets were a bit more than the GA but we got them because it’s better than standing, I would rather pay the money, and it was worth it.

Online Pre-Sale: $15 for GA and $35 for Bleachers
Door: $18 for GA and $38 for Bleachers
This information was taken from the LA Derby Dolls website

I went for the Tough Cookies and mum went for Varsity Brawlers – Tough Cookies won!

I am really looking forward to seeing Orlando Sunblockers in Orlando, Florida in October! I really wanted to see Angel City which is located in

For more information on the LA Derby Dolls click here:

If you have any questions on roller derby, please comment below! I am happy to answer any!


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