Friday Flicks: Snatched (2017)


Good morning everyone! Yay it’s Friday! Almost the weekend, I hope you are all well and survived this week.

The movie of the day is the latest film to hit cinemas is the movie Snatched, staring Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer. I was to be honest, a bit hesitant to see this film, I wasn’t 100% sure if I would like it, I am not a huge Amy Schumer fan, I am not really into her humour which is fine, I think she is a pretty cool person herself and find it awesome that she had written her own film (Trainwreck), but I am just not much of a fan.

I went to the cinema’s with my mum who wanted to see this film, I was more than happy to see it with her, it was between this or the latest movie A Dog’s Purpose which I had no desire to see it, especially with the controversy surrounding it about one of the dog’s being put in harm’s way when the dog clearly didn’t want to do a particular scene and my friend told me that the dog’s in the film (not in real life) die and I really don’t want to watch adorable puppies die. But if you have seen this movie, do let me know in the comments if you recommend it or not!

Back to the movie Snatched, I went in with no expectations, I like Goldie Hawn, but still didn’t expect to really appreciate this film. This film centres around a mother and daughter, Emily (Schumer) is having a bit of bad luck, she loses her job, though she was a bad employee and had been dumped by her boyfriend who wants to travel and make it big in the music world and bang as many women as possible. Whereas Linda (Hawn) who is Emily’s mother, has her own problems, she hasn’t seen her daughter in a while and doesn’t get to speak to her much because of Emily not wanting to respond, she has her 30 something son living at home and is needy and she has a phobia of everything. One day when Emily comes home she reveals to her mother that she has a non-refundable trip to Ecuador that she was meant to take with her boyfriend, trying to get someone to come with her, she comes across a photo book of her mother (one of the photos you can really see Kate Hudson’s face in it) and it shows how adventurous she once was. After seeing it, she convinces her now terrified of everything mother to come along with her to Ecuador.

The movie actually surprised me and surprised how much I laughed, it was charming and witty, some stupid humour, but it was actually quite good, I actually left the theatre having enjoyed myself and my mum did too.

I am going be bias and say because it was a different person who wrote it (Katie Dippold, also has written for Parks and Recreation TV show and wrote Ghostbusters 2016 film, which by the way, was actually an awesome funny film, I don’t care what you say), I think the writing was very funny and a great concept about a mother and daughter who fly to Ecuador and ended up getting kidnapped with hilarious antics.

I recommend this film, it’s not an Oscar winning film by no means, but ย it was a good light, enjoyable film, the acting was good, and the story line was good and easy to follow and very enjoyable to see the antics and how they would get out of certain situations. I would say though, wait till DVD or Netflix for it.

I give Snatchedย 2 stars and a halfย โ˜…โ˜…โ˜†

For more information on the film, click here:ย

Movie poster used from here:ย Snatched Movie Poster



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