Travelling Thursday: Sunshine Coast

Good afternoon! Travelling Thursday is today! If you follow my Facebook, Instagram, twitter or read my previous post, you will know that I went up to the Sunshine Coast for a long weekend. My parents have retired (well just my Dad really) and have moved up to the sunny coast of Queensland, Australia. If you are from the US – think Florida, its the place to retire to and its super sunny and warm, it was much warmer than down here in Sydney!

I visited my parents for mother’s day and decided to take a few photos while I am there, we didn’t do a whole lot but it was great to just be with them. We walked on the beach each morning, went to the Eumundi Markets in Eumundi, went to the Surf Club for breakfast for mother’s day, went to the shops a bit and just had a drive to Noosa. Everywhere you go there are shopping centres, so many shopping centres… also where my parents live, it is a bit of a backwards area as in, they still have a running video store.

The weather was very different each day or depending on the time of day as you could get hit with all four season’s in a day, the weather was a lot warmer, but some day’s it rained and it was cool, the hottest part of the day is in the morning, so that was lovely and cool wasn’t hot at all, I love going up in this time of year, as someone who hates summer, this place can get very very hot. I wen’t at Christmas time (Summer here in Australia) and it was bloody hot, my goodness, I would struggle sleeping of a night.

But anyway, here are some photos of my trip! Also check out my instagram for more photos that I took on my first morning in the Sunshine Coast:

Eumundi markets
Eumundi markets
Eumundi markets
In a book store in Eumundi
Coolum Beach, just before the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
On the boardwalk they had art at each posts, it was so cute!


Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk
Coolum Beach, on the Boardwalk

All photos taken by me.


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