Travel Bug Blues

Good morning! I hope everyone is well! It’s getting a bit nippy here in Sydney, Australia, I am so excited for winter! I absolutely love winter, it’s my favourite season, it actually improves my mood, makes me feel more energetic and I feel I can do more.

Today I want to talk about the travel bug blues, I feel them constantly, when I have no trip organised or anything, I feel that my life is going to waste and that I am stuck and nothing is moving forward. This blog is actually helping me combat it, but for a short period. I love reminiscing my older trips and look back with such lovely fond memories, but I am itching to get new memories happening. Unfortunately I can’t just pick up and go, I have a job, a cat which is like my baby who I have had for 17 years, she is turning 18 this year and I am renting on my own because my cat is lazy and won’t get a job hahaha.

I am very fortunate to have gone on some amazing trips in my life at my age of being 24 – I have visited the United States of America 3 times and soon to make it a 4th time, I have been to New Zealand and China, I still have so much more to see. I get holiday envy when I see someone on a holiday; particularly in a place that I really want to visit that I try and avoid seeing their post’s, it’s bad! But I still look because I want to see their amazing adventure. I am looking forward to mine this year, but I would like to organise my next one as well.

Does anyone else get this? Or is just me because I suffer from depression that it hits me harder than it should? I have thought of great ways to help fight the travel bug blues and would love to share them with anyone that is currently going through that:

  • Just start planning – it’s simple, just start planning, who cares if it’s not till next year, 2 years or 5 years and so on, you have a goal set up of the place you want to visit.
I have 39 places to go in the US, it makes me plan for me next places when I want to go back one day. Picture used from here
  • Start saving – just begin saving, even if you have nowhere to go, just have a holiday fund set up and just keep working on it until you have decided on where you want to go and then you can budget and see you are now ahead of your saving game. This is something I wish I had done, but after this upcoming trip this will be me. I even have two jars one for gold coins and one for silver coins, keep trying to put money in, stop buying those hot chocolates and sweets and start putting them away so that you can save up quicker, in a short time I was able to save $50 and in 2015Β I saved $100 in a short time, that paid for part of my holiday insurance!
Picture used from here
  • If you can, just do mini trips within your country – if you are currently finding it too difficult to go on a grand adventure overseas, make small trips in your own country, be the tourist in your country, sometimes you can get great deals on flights and accommodation in your own country. I enjoy this because I am someone who enjoys being a tourist, even when I go into Sydney city, I live an hour outside the city of Sydney but when I do make the effort to go in, I do become a tourist, find things I have never seen – or if I can afford it, go for a weekend away somewhere, stay cheap and just explore. I am fortunate enough to have parents who have moved to the Sunshine Coast (even though I would rather have them close to me here in Sydney) that I have an excuse to have a weekend getaway in Queensland, but I do want to see more of Australia.
My recent trip to the Sunshine Coast
  • Go to events – Get out more, try and go to an event that you haven’t been to before, get the train and just get out there and attend a comic convention, a food and wine show, I love going to events, it makes me feel like I have done something and have had a great time, and I get to travel a little, or this goes hand in hand with exploring your own country, I wanted to see Supanova (an Australian pop culture convention) present’s Back to the Future and they brought Christopher Lloyd out, this event was in Melbourne, but I was super keen to go as I am a big Back to the Future fan, I saved up, put my leave at work down and had a weekend away, when I wasn’t at the convention I was out exploring Melbourne.
Just for Laugh’s comedy festival at the Sydney Opera House I had attended


  • Β Reminisce – this is something I do daily, I think about my past holiday’s and this motivates me, this is a tricky one though because it can make you feel more blue about no upcoming trips, but it can motivate you to think of another place to go and say “I want that again”. Scrap book it, write about it, blog it, and so on, do some really creative ways of sharing your wonderful trip it can make you relive it again. And when you feel blue, you have that there to remind you that you had once been able to do it and you will be able to do it again, maybe not right now, but you will be able to do it again in the future.
Tomorrowland at Disneyland – took this in my 2015 trip

I hope these are something’s that can help you, I need to use these myself to help me, I am determined to go places, saving is really hard and I get it, believe me, I freaken get it, I am going to be honest, this upcoming trip, as small as it seems, its taking a lot of money, especially with vet bills, doctor bills and other bills that I am still learning about – this is my first trip I am going on where I live outside of home.

Let me know in the comments on how you cope with it and if you suffer from it too! I know some of my friends do too.

Photos by me except for the piggy bank and map of America – the links for these images
can be found in the caption.

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