Travelling Tuesday: New York Part 4 Final

Good morning! I am back from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and back in Sydney, New South Wales, where it’s colder and more dull, I am home. I hope you are all well! Today is the final day for my New York adventure that I will share with you all.

If you have not seen any of them, you are more than welcome to go check them out and come back here:

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Let’s get started!

Day 7

Today we headed out to the Bronx! We visited to the Bronx Zoo, it was massive and quickly became one of my favourite Zoo’s I had been to, the enclosures looked great and the animals were adorable, but very sleepy and hiding for a bit of the day as it was a cool day and raining, some would think it would be a terrible day, but we made the most of it and actually didn’t mind the gloomy weather as it meant less people! It was true, there were hardly and people, we kept seeing the same people walking around the park.

I love animals so much, that I have thousands of pictures of animal’s, but I will only share the good ones that turned out well;

If you thought I was super excited seeing squirrels, well I was super excited seeing a wild chipmunk for the first time in person! Found this little guy at the Zoo, but he was a wild one, it was so cute! But they are so quick! My stupid camera kept only focusing on the damn branch and leaves!!!

These Monkeys were very camera friendly, they were not camera shy that some even just posed for us, I am not joking.

This guy here, my friend had an interesting interaction with, they were looking at each other and he ate something and then vomited it out, and she shook her head at him and he mimicked her before eating it up again…


These two snow leopards were so cute, but mumma was not happy with us, we found out it was a brand new cub an was only exposed to people only two days ago, this was its third day in front of people, mumma wasn’t too impressed that we just took a quick picture and  left for them to be alone.

As the day came to a close they asked us if we wanted to go on a dinosaur ride, it was interesting to say… I probably would skip that part unless you have younger kids who like dinosaurs then go for it, but I would just stick to the Zoo.


As promised (spoken about this place in Part 2) we headed back to John’s Pizzeria no slice and had one last meal, I had spaghetti and this cute chocolate bear ice cream it was really good, I think it was from the kid’s section, but I really wanted it and they were super nice and were like “sure!” so I got that!


That’s pretty much it for this day; we just loved the Zoo so much!


Day 8

Today was our last day before we headed off to Orlando Florida, we had two landmarks we were leaving for the last day, and that is the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.

We kicked off the morning with the Empire State Building, what a view! it was impressive seeing New York in the day time, it was a good split between seeing New York in the night when we went to the Top of the Rock (in part 3) and seeing it during the day time, I could see my hotel from here and my favourite restaurant Bubba Gumps (yes I am in love with this restaurant, stop judging me and just bring one to Sydney, Australia, thank you.)


Also if someone comes up to you and asks if you want to skip the queue for $25 and you get to watch fun and exciting simulator doco on New York, don’t do it… Just don’t. It was bad, my friend and I kind of regretted doing it.

Afterwards we set out to Battery Park to catch the ferry to Liberty Island, the icon of New York, the green lady that stand’s for liberty and freedom of America. We finally got there and she was a very tall lady, unfortunately we didn’t get to the crown because they had closed the crown because of Hurricane Sandy, but we got to go around the park, it was a beautiful park. I also got a pretzel because I had yet to do that in New York (these pretzels are making me thirsty! Anyone?) And it was the size of my head.

I wanted to see a close up of her book because I didn’t actually know what it said on it. 4 July 1776 is the date of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

As we finished up we got our things and checked out of New York by heading to LaGuardia airport to say good bye to New York and Hello Orlando Florida.

New York was an interesting town filled with interesting people, was it a favourite place of mine? Not really, but I really appreciate the place and the ongoing nonstop pace, but I think it was all too much for me, I didn’t feel I belonged as such, but I really do admire the place. I know quite a few people who loved it and that’s great! I think I am more of a laid back person who belongs more in a laid back city/town. But I would like to see New York one more time, but I am not sure when.

That’s it for my New York adventure, shout out to the lovely cab driver who took us to Battery Park who gave us a coin with a bible passage on it, and was just really lovely, you were the best cab driver. Also a big shout out for making me fear for my life then realising what you were doing, the New York Breaker’s break dance crew on the subway – why was I scared? They told us all in the carriage to move to the side and make way for them, I had no idea what the hell was happening, I am not use to this kind of entertainment on the trains. But they were awesome! Great break dancing crew, and then we had a church choir going up and down the subway which was nice, I really did like this quirky part of the New York – and yes I gave them each some money for the entertainment.

Photos all taken by me


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