Travelling Tuesday: New York Part 3

Welcome back to Travelling Tuesday! Today is Part 3 of my New York adventure I embarked on in 2013 with complete strangers, New York was an interesting time for me as I was then getting to know who each person I was travelling with and even had time to myself.

Anyway, I will stop waffling on, here we go!

Day 5

Today we got to go to SOHO, the hipster streets of New York, well to me it was, and actually, I really liked this section of New York, I like cities, but to a certain extent, I am not a huge lover of New York, I enjoyed my time, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s my favourite place in the US. The City was too much for me, but SOHO area, it wasn’t too busy, it was actually breathable that you could move around and not worry about a stampede heading towards you.

I walked around with one person today, someone who I consider a friend to me to this day, I don’t see her often, but when I do, I love being around her, she has such a great vibe, and this place was the perfect day to hang out with her. She was also the friend who went to Bubba Gumps with me and went to the Top of the Rock.

We walked along the streets, the cobble stone streets, weird knick knack shops, a massive iPhone store for us to use the bathroom in (yes in America they have  bathroom’s in their apple store’s. Australia take note), and too many Croc shoe stores that are unnecessary. We got a slice of pizza in a small pizza store and rested for a bit before we picked back up and found a tattoo parlour that was called the *WOOSTER STREET SOCIAL CLUB, this tattoo parlour appeared on NY Ink, I hadn’t heard of this place as I was unfamiliar in the tattoo world, but my friend was excited, she even got a booking to get a tattoo done for later on.

Look how massive it is!!!

*Note: I Googled this to make sure I got the spelling correctly, it is actually now called Love Hate Social Club

once she got booked we left to get back to our hotel where today, I was in need of getting some clothes washed, so I headed off with a few ladies in my group to a laundry mat, my first time using a laundry mat, the lady was sassy as all and seemed like she had no time for me and my questions, I absolutely loved her and all her sass. After a few hiccups and FINALLY getting my clothes washed, we headed out to a restaurant called John’s Pizzeria no slice. We ordered a bunch of pizza’s and some cheesecake, the staff super friendly that they wanted us to come back to say bye and have a last meal before we headed to Orlando, Florida.

My biggest challenge hahaha

The pizza was yummy, I love pizza, and it’s something about giving in to the stereotype idea that you must have pizza in New York so true. The cheesecake was delicious, but still unsure if it was the better than the other place, and believe it or not, another great place I have had a baked New York cheesecake was in Beijing, China, I am not lying. I love cheesecake and love to have cheesecake in different places with different flavours.

Day 6

Day 6 was a shopping day for us, I was with my friend who I was hanging out with in SoHo,  we decided to do a little shopping, we went to some super expensive stores, she wanted to get her red bottomed heels, I think they are Christian Louboutin (Yes I had to Google that, yes I have no idea about fashion or brands). We found Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue as well and made a pit stop in there (no we didn’t have breakfast, how many times have you heard that joke) and I bought my mum a necklace, the jewellery were divine and there was 5 levels! Each level for a different type of jewellery!


When it got to lunch time, there was a particular store I wanted to go to and she was still on her hunt for the perfect Louboutin shoes, we parted ways for now, she went one direction and I went the other, I wanted to find the FAO Shcwarz toy store.

It took me a while and stop at McDonald’s for a ranch sauce burger which you can’t get in Australia (I like to go to McDonald’s from different places to see the different menu, Hong Kong, Beijing and New Zealand each have something different on the menu) and a terrible sprite, that’s when I learnt hat America, you have terrible Sprite, how is it so bad??? So I had to stick to Sierra Mist* (something like Sprite) because that’s the closes to Australian sprite you could get to, and Fanta, forget it, it actually took me a while to find a place other than a convenient store or supermarket to find Fanta.

*Note: They have changed their name as well which I just found out Googling the spelling and now it is Mist Twist.

When I found the FAO Schwarz toy store, I was like a little kid, I was excited to see the cool toys and maybe find something for me. This was a MASSIVE store; I couldn’t believe how big it was. But there was a section I was headed too, this was my gift to my brother – I found the Make Your Own Muppet station. Oh boy was I excited, I wanted one for myself, but I knew I was going to be spending my life away in Disney World on myself so I just stuck to making one for my brother.  Even though they tried to convince me to make my own for myself, I stuck to my guns and left them for an hour while they created my Muppet.


I found the Fraggle Rock section and got myself a t-shirt and just walked around looking at all the toy’s know that I would have been in heaven was a little kid.


When I got back and collected my Muppet, I absolutely adored this orange little feller with a Hawaiian shirt, he was so cute, but I knew it was my brother’s present and not mine. Off I went back to Time Square to just to have a look around. As I go there, there was a MASSIVE event happening, a stage was set up and banners and everything, it was a big promotion for the Disney game, Disney Infinity, I had read about it and wanted to play this game as I am a lover of Disney and a lover of video games. I got two free shirts out of it and got to play some of the games for a bit, it was actually a lot of fun, they even had two actors from the movie Teen Beach which I had no idea about and when I saw the trailer, had no interest in it.

I had decided to head back to the hotel, but where was my hotel… I forgot where it was. I looked around to see if there was anything that could help and there it was – the Scientology building, yep, Scientology helped me out, oh dear, but thank you?

As the day got a bit later, I met up with my friend again, we decided to see Rock of Ages the musical, I was a little sceptical of seeing it as the movie (yes, calm down theatre fans, I didn’t know too much about it okay! don’t judge!) looked horrible, but you know what, she wanted to see it and I thought why not, let’s do it, so we went two hours before the show to see if there were any tickets left, we were in luck and we got them cheaper than retail price, we agreed to go back to the hotel and get ready.


We hit the town together and went to the show, we had fantastic seats, in the centre and down in the stalls only 5 rows back. I loved this musical, it was actually a lot of fun, minus busting for the loo towards the end of ACT 1, but it was a great show, my friend and I had a lovely night ending it by going to Shake Shack and grabbing food and a beautiful black and white milkshake that I rave about when I hear people going to New York to go there and have that milkshake.

Stay tuned for one more I have two more days to talk about, so only one more New York adventure post to go! Comment below if there is anything you want to know about the other places I have been.

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Have a great day!


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