Why do I always end up back in the US?!

Ah yes Happy Monday… Is Monday’s ever a happy day? I am pretty much Garfield the adorable sarcastic cat who hates Monday’s and would be happy with lasagna.

Why do I always end up back in America?! Seriously, there are other places in the world I would love to travel to, but I always end up back there.

A loving embrace by Tigger


My first travel to the US was at a young age of 12, I was with my parents and my brother, we travelled for a total of 3 weeks, a week in Hawaii, half in Vegas and half in LA and on the way back a few days again in Hawaii, this was my first international trip ever, as well as my brother’s we were very excited, me, I was super excited for Disneyland, a dream of mine after finding out about it when I began watching Disney channel and they would always advertise this magical place, I wanted to go so badly that when it was happening, I couldn’t believe it, and this was in a period of my life that I needed it so badly after finally leaving year 6 and leaving behind a horrible school to go onto High School the following year.

This trip was marvellous and will be forever in debt to my parents for taking us to the US, each place we visited, I absolutely loved, LA captured my heart believe it or not, I have so many people telling me how much they disliked LA or only thought it was okay, but LA reminded me of Sydney, it reminded me of home.

I had a few international trips in between as well, but come 2013 I was ready, I wanted to go back to the US, I wanted to see more.

Photo taken by me


I am into Pop culture, like SCI-FI and comic books, anime, Manga and so much more geeky goodness that when I found out about the HUB Productions who are a company who create conventions out here in Australia like OZ Comic-Con, Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose, Twilight, Vampire Diaries and many other conventions where they bring out guest and you pay good money for the chance to meet them, they were providing an opportunity to go and to the US with them to go on a whirl wind trip of LA to New York to Orlando to Atlanta I was hooked.

I wanted this trip, but I was terrified of going because it was my first time on my own, I was scared to meet with them the night before we left and was scared of having a room mate who I didn’t know, this was a big step up for me for someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

This trip tested me at times and helped me make some friendships that, even though we don’t get to see each other often, I still am fond of and talk to on Facebook. My room mate however, she was terrible in Atlanta to me and I was not keeping in touch with her, at least it was the end of the trip when I got up to go the airport for me adventure to Iowa, I didn’t bother leaving her a good bye note. This was a good learning curve for me, you won’t always get a long with someone, but you make the best of the situation.

I headed off from Atlanta to Iowa to visit a friend, this was when I was really alone, I had no one travelling with me, I was catching connecting flights and was forcing myself to ask for help to go in the right direction while annoying other passanger’s around me, but I did what I had to do. Once I finished in Iowa, same thing, I had to catch connecting flights to Burbank airport in Los Angeles, but the present for myself on how well I coped was that I got to see my mum and have her to myself for a week in LA, this was my favourite part of the holiday.


My last trip I have taken, I really wanted to go to Europe, unfortunately, my friend wanted to go to the states after having been to Europe with her sister. This was our first holiday together, people had warned me and told me to be careful because travelling for such a long period of time can put a strain on our relationship. Good thing is, we already bicker and such, but we do it in a loving way and we look out for one another, we had a blast that we are going on a holiday again together (I will get to that part soon) and we are very much looking forward to it.

We headed on a Topdeck trip, Topdeck are a travel company that cater to 18 – 30 somethings and you go around in a group, for us we did a southwest trip, we went from LA to Arizona to Utah to Nevada to San Francisco to the whole California Coastal line and ended up back in LA for a day to then head to the airport and grab a redeye flight (I have no unfortunately have now the understanding of a redeye flight) to Iowa with connecting flights in Atlanta. After Iowa we had another connecting flight to Atlanta to New Orleans and then another connecting flight to Atlanta (yes again…) to have our last week in LA, all up this trip was 6 weeks, and I still wasn’t ready to go home, believe it or not, my friend was, but I wanted more!


Yes now for this year, yes I really am going back this year, I am headed there in October. I am only there for 3 and a half weeks, which is great and plenty for an escape and for someone who doesn’t have much money now that I am living outside of home, I moved out after I had gotten back from my trip in 2015, that was the most dramatic transitioning of my life.

We are headed for Orlando, Florida for 20 days and LA for 4 days. I am spending my 25th Birthday in Magic Kingdom, Disney World and I am bloody excited!

So in conclusion, why do I keep going back??? Well I really want to go other places in the world, but the circumstances are different for each place that I want to visit. I want to visit Japan, but I want to go during Cherry Blossom season, and usually I don’t have the time around that time to go, I want to go to Europe, but Europe is a place I want to go with a friend or a family member, but I don’t have anyone to go with, and then there are other places, I do want to see, but I want to hit the US one last time before I move onto those countries. I am just going to say it, I love the US, I really do.

I love how each place you visit is very different, you get an entirely different experience, I love the food, yes I actually do, I love the weird and over sized food for small value. The people have always been friendly to me, especially in New Orleans, I loved the southern hospitality. North America has a soft spot in my heart as I have so many fond memories there, I only speak highly of the country and to those that hadn’t been sure of visiting there I always re assured people that you will have a great time and I have been right, people have come back to me and have said how much they enjoyed it.

My top 5 places in the US are (in no order):

  • Los Angeles006
  • New OrleansIMG_3400
  • San FranciscoIMG_3401
  • Orlando
  • 1133.JPG
  • Arizona
  • IMG_3397

I will one day go somewhere else, but for now, I will have my last US trip for a while this year and I will know how much I will love it and will miss it, unless I get my butt into gear and finish a certain project I am working on, I need to aim for the future to visit somewhere else.

If you want any travel tips on the US if you have never been or looking for something new to do if you are going back, you are more than welcome to comment on here and I happy to answer any questions you have. Β Don’t forget to look at my previous post’s, I have posted topics on places I have been in the US, at the moment I am doing a series on New York when I visited in 2013.

All photos taken by me.

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