Thursday Traveller: New York Part 2

Well I had written this yesterday to be posted for yesterday, but ran out of time! But I am still going to call this Travelling Thursday as it’s Thursday somewhere in the world! Just not here in Australia…

Welcome back to Part 2 of my 2013 New York adventure, a young Australian who was having constant nosebleeds because it was bloody (pun intended…sorry) hot in the US because silly me was like “Yeah I will go to the US and miss out my favourite season, Winter, its fine, why not have two Summer’s even though I hate Summer”. I had a wonderful holiday, but I think I will never go back in summer, winter holidays are way better.

Anyway! If you missed the other post, my part 1 adventure head on over to here: New York Part 1

Day 3

Day 3 was a day of museum hopping, we started off with the Guggenheim museum, and I apologise to the postmodern art enthusiast or just general art lovers who love this museum… I didn’t like it. I really didn’t, I was really hoping to like this museum, but it just didn’t do it for me.

The interesting architecture of the building was lovely, and I was looking forward to seeing the famous Guggenheim museum. Our group entered into the museum, it was filled with colour and people laying down looking up at the changing coloured ceiling, I was interested in this, it was really cool looking, I was getting more excited, I do appreciate museums, I always enjoy them, but I think I have a very traditional art mind, as we started at the top, we handed over our bags to the cloak room, and began spiralling down the spiral pathway, it was a very interesting having to go down a spiral flat surfaced walk way, but I was getting a little headache from it, don’t ask me how, but I did.

The walls were lined with artwork of bright colours, there were rooms you could go into, this is where I wasn’t a fan, we went into a room that had no lights and only a black canvas on the wall and one two seater seat. I sat there for about 20 minutes waiting for something, but I genuinely think nothing actually happened I waited with one of the people I was hanging out with, and like me they wanted to get out and see if there is anything better, I apologise I really do, I know art is subjective and interpreted in different ways, I just am not a postmodern art fan I guess. We went into another room that had an overhead projector and just squares on the walls, also in a dimmed lit room. This must have been theme for at that time maybe? Exploring darkness or something? I am trying…

The best thing about this museum (no it wasn’t the exit that was a close second) was the bottom floor of the Guggenheim, they had Picasso and Leonardo paintings, very iconic paintings that made their mark in the art world that was awesome thing to see, I really did appreciate this section of the museum.

Was this museum for me? Nope, but I appreciate that it catered to those into Post Modern Art; I suggest this place strongly if you are interested in PM Art.

You can check out the museum here:

I didn’t take photos here, because I didn’t feel the need to in the museum, plus, a museum is better seen in person, paintings are something that need to be seen in person.


Onto the next Museum! We hit the American Museum of Natural History, yes that Museum that has all the artefacts coming alive at night in the movie Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Owen Wilson.

I loved this museum so much, I had a great time exploring this place, I loved every moment of it. The Taxidermy of the animals weird me out a little, but it was a stunning and surprisingly how big it is, I didn’t think it was going to be so massive. My favourite part in the whole museum was the Planetarium, space, I really love learning about space, I find it amazing and fascinating. The planetarium is where you sit in a dome like room with chairs that recline back and you look to the dome roof and there is a documentary on space, ours was narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, it was amazing, but because I was a bit sleepy it was hard staying awake! It was super relaxing.

This is my favourite museum in New York, loved every inch of it, some parts I was not too interested in, but still had a look around, but I loved a lot of it, especially the dinosaur fossils and the space section.

I recommend this place so much, I tell everyone who I know like museums to go to this place, and this is great for all ages.

To find out more on this museum, click here:


For the last Museum we went to was the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET museum), I saw quiet a lot of this museum like the mummies exhibit and the wonderful paintings, but to be honest, I was also a little tired and also I was distracted because I had a few nosebleeds in this place a lone. It was so bad, luckily the bathrooms was nice because I spent a good amount of time in there bleeding haha, its funny when I look back on it now.

The Asian art was gorgeous, I love Asian art, I love especially the Japanese styles, it’s one of my favourites. The Chines section though was beautifully done, the calligraphy and the paintings, the potter all so beautiful. Unfortunately with our Museum hopping we actually had to rush a lot of the sections as it was closing, we had to get out and head over to meet everyone to see a Musical.

I recommend this museum, this museum was more up my ally in terms of paintings and artwork because it’s more traditional, more so than pop art. It reminded me of

To find out more on the MET museum, click here:

I didn’t take any photos here because of the same thing, as the Guggenheim, I prefer to just take it all in. Except the Mummies, they were so cool.

For the night we went to see (if you read my previous post you will know right away) Wicked! Yes the famous other side story of the Wicked Witch and Glinda the Good Witch, when they were just in school, Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) was an outcast and shun because of her green skin,. Elphaba was a sweet, sarcastic and uncool lady who we all secretly wanted to because she was just like us was taking care of her disabled sister until one day she is paired up with Glinda and the unlikely friendship blossomed. Glinda may have been the good witch, but she was a selfish stuck up witch that you remember from school who treated everyone poorly because she was they stereotypical popular girl, which liker her musical number Popular portrayed her.

 I love this musical, it was a fantastic production here on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre,  It was awesome seeing the New York Broadway cast, but I have a huge soft spot for the Australian cast which my friend who was with me agreed that our cast had a bit more oomph to it. But it was still a fantastic production, worth seeing.


Day 4

Day 4! I was quiet tired from all the museum hopping and the constant nose bleeds but I powered on, as Today we paid our respects to Ground Zero, a sad heartbreaking memorial to those who perished in the tragic, horrific event of 9/11. My heart was heavy when I walked in and saw the memorial in the centre where the buildings stood.  The engravings of the names around the side of the beautiful waterfall  in the middle was a sad reflection on what had happened and what it stood for, right next to it was the new Trade Centre, almost at its completion and ready to be open the following year.

One thing that remained from the tragic event was the Survivor Tree, the only thing that stood against the tragedy around it, it stood in the same spot and truly survived, they keep it chained down, especially after Hurricane Sandy that happened in 2012.


After leaving this memorial we headed off to Wall Street, I took a picture of the famous Wall Street sign, it had a lot of construction happening though and when I took that picture, I was fine with it until I saw some racism in the corner of the picture from a man who was holding up such a disgusting sign, ruining my picture, I still have it, but there is no need for me to post it as I am against hate and racism. It is not necessary and nor needed.


We got to see the famous Bull statue that my friends all had a great time grabbing the testicles, because why not? Then we left for Battery Park to catch a ferry to Staten Island, we didn’t plan on going into Staten Island, we just did it so we could get a good view of New York and the Statue of Liberty.

The night was a free night, my friend joined me to one of my favourite restaurants every, and you will never believe it is Bubba Gump’s. That place is amazing that when ever I am in the US, I must go to Bubba Gump’s, 100% must, I had the shrimp New Orleans and it was to die for, it was beautiful and saucy, I love saucy dishes, exquisite, I really need to get it again when I go back to the US, I have only had it the once because I have tried all other dishes, and this one is still my favourite to this day. Followed up dinner with dessert as well at Bubba Gump’s, I had experienced my first taste of the Half Baked Cookie, oh my, I am pretty much salivating at the thought of if, this gooey choc chip cookie covered in vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and chocolate sauce – heaven on a skillet.

As we finished up what was one of the best meals, we head off to Top of the Rock! The 30 Rockerfeller Centre home to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (then, now he is the Tonight Show) and other NBC shows like SNL (Saturday Night Live), Top of the rock, like the Empire State Building has an observation section to look out over New York, also a great observation deck to see the Empire State Building.  When finished we walked around into the night.

Stay tuned for Part 3! It should hopefully be more interesting!

Photos were all taken by me.


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