Tuesday Traveller: New York Part 1

Hello! Today I thought what would be a great idea is on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I can look back at some of the places I have been – my recommendations, places I stayed at and so on and so forth! Hope you all like it, and even leave comments below if you have been or if you are planning to go or simply as I do say how much you want to go!

Today’s theme is: ~NEW YORK~ Part 1

Day 1

Ahhh New York, the hustle and bustle of the cement jungle. I went in 2013, in summer, so I pretty much was dying and not exaggerating, I had a nose bleed EVERY DAMN DAY!

Me, a young 20 year old I was (I know, I know, not legal for a any drinking and full night life stuff, but I still did a lot) out on my own with a tour group who I barely knew, I had met them the night before departure and I had only known them for a week in LA before we headed off to New York (well, New Jersey first, we flew via them and then got a cab from there to the big apple), a 5 hour flight with television you had to pay for but you got a handful of shows for free one of them was How I Met Your Mother so I had something to watch. This then made me get a magazine for the next flight to my destination.

As we flew into Newark and had a bit of a way not too bad, about a half an hour trip into the city with our driver being a bit of a tour guide letting us know where Sex in the City was filmed and we got to see some Trapeze Acts happening at what looked like a circus school outside.

We reached our destination, our hotel, located in the Theatre district, our group organisers are big Theatre fans as we learnt finding out one of them (Carissa) had seen Wicked 25 times. Carissa really loves that musical. It is a fantastic musical, but my mere 2 times was pathetic compared to her 25 times, I was impressed with my seeing it twice considering how expensive tickets were, but really if you get the chance to see it, do.

As we got into our hotel the Paramount Hotel as soon as we walked in, we were excited for the sleek looking lobby, really beautiful and the staff were friendly and helpful as we checked in, we agreed to meet downstairs in an hour so we could settle in and get ready before we hit the town for dinner.

As my assigned roommate and I entered into the room, it was tiny! A shoe box! But to be expected as I had learnt from a Co Worker at work who had warned me that the nicer the lobby is the smaller the room is, well wasn’t that true, but we were only here to sleep and store our stuff, it was fine, and do able, I had a lovely view of a brick wall as well from our window, the reason why the blinds were pretty much permanently closed.

As we got ready and headed down to the lobby we decided to head to a restaurant we just wondered until we found a place, Broadway Joe Steakhouse, down stairs under the building, I like how they do this in New York how they use the below street level space of the building, we were tucked away in the corner with are large party ready for what delights I would find for my first dinner in New York.

The menu was simple what we were given, but it looked divine, I was so hungry at this point, ready to eat vegetables as well because I did find it difficult in America to eat healthier, but this was a great set menu, starting with soup, then vegetables and for my main meal, lobster ravioli, super yummy, oh my this was one of the best ravioli I have ever had, it wasn’t store bought for sure, the lobster stuffed in a circle of pastry was just lovely and the lobster sauce with it, I wanted more, I loved every moment of it, my favourite dish of that day. Of course we ended it on a New York Baked cheesecake. You really can’t go wrong with cheesecake, so yummy and creamy.

After such a great meal, we were off to explore the city, as we walked past the buildings near our hotel, one stood out, of course it was the Scientology building, an old TV and an even older looking video on the TV that looked to on a VHS was playing explaining why Scientology was to be welcomed in your life, out stood a man handing out pamphlets, I avoided that, I am fine without joining Tom Cruise, Nancy Cartwright and Will Smith on the path of Scientology, it’s fine, thank you for the consideration though.

We reached Times Square, already I had lost my bearings in this massive city, lucky I had people with me, Times Square is a actually very large than I thought, I thought it was just that iconic area where at New Year’s you watch the ball drop and the US Today show where Times Square serves as backdrop for the show, not that is just a section of it. But here I was standing in one of the most iconic places of New York, the bright lights and big city was very overwhelming for this young Sydney, Australian lady, I was excited to what I would see and experience, of course just like the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, here they have characters dressed up as characters, and I do mean that the people dressed up are characters themselves. I was disappointed to not have seen the Naked Cowboy who is famous around these parts, who actually had travelled to Australia and boasted about his $3 million a year earning from busking in his undies, he is truly living the dream.

Naked painting on young good looking woman that were promoting something, but I didn’t know what, I just noticed all the men flocked around them and found Cookie Monster and a creepy looking Elmo. This was a bit much after experiencing it in Hollywood, so we headed down looking at the shops, a massive Toy R Us, M&M World, Hershey’s Store and more, shopped a little, but not much as I was saving my money for another destination that would come later.


Feeling sleepy we all headed back to get ready for what exciting day we had planned.

I didn’t take photos of the restaurant I went to but here is Yelp and TripAdvisor for images and other reviews, unfortunately, it must have gone a bit down hill: Click here for Yelp review and Click here for TripAdvisor reviews

Back then as well I didn’t take photos of the hotel, but here is the hotel’s website: http://www.nycparamount.com/

Day 2

Got up nice and early because I am a morning person, that’s right a rare creature called morning bird, I got up and had a shower and got dressed, went downstairs to the cafe that was located in the hotel, they eventually got to know me and my order, a bagel with cream cheese and a apple juice and English breakfast tea, when in New York you do as they do and eat bagels, or is that a stereotype portrayed in films? Oh well, I do love bagels and cream cheese so that’s my excuse, I am New York so I guess I must eat them…

Today was a free day from our group, we could do whatever we wanted, today a few of us and I headed to Central Park, oh my it was huge, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from it other than from my favourite films like for example Home Alone 2, what a great film, anyway back to it, we caught a subway, my first time catching a subway in New York, it was busy and confusing, we had to really concentrate on which letter (there train system goes by letters, like the E train, the C train and so on) would help us get to Central Park, we asked one of the train guards and they helped us to go the right way. Once we got on there, the jolt of the train stunned me of how sharp it disembarks and how it stop’s at the destination, I was scared I was going to fall over.

Finally after our first subway ride that thankfully we survived so we finally got there on one piece! Central Park! How beautiful and so out of place it was. You have this MASSIVE city of pure skyscrapers and other tall buildings surrounding this park, it’s like you just entered a different realm.

We were stopped by two men who offered us a pedicab ride around Central Park for $25, why the hell not so we got in, but man I do not want this job, riding a bicycle around with a seat at the back with a few passenger’s would be a difficult task and you would need to be fit as. But lucky for us, we didn’t have to do it, we just got to be lazy and got a tour of Central Park!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t worry, it did turn into a walking tour as well, which was really cool of them to actually walk around with us, especially the rider of the other group (we split into two groups) who gave us some knowledge of Central Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is our guide, he wanted a photo:


Say hello to this guy if he still works there, I have a feeling his name is Steve, sorry if it isn’t but I am going to call you Steve.

As we departed our guides with a nice tip from us we left to explore more of Central Park.

For any Beatles fan’s we made our way to Strawberry Fields, this was a lovely little spot in remembrance of the Beatles and for John Lennon; fan’s from around the world payed their respects to the breakup of the Beatles and to the sad ending of John Lennon who fans still mourn to this day.

Afterwards we continued on our travels and we finally got to see some squirrels, American’s you have no idea how much excitement we get from seeing squirrels as we don’t have them in Australia (if we did they were brought in and kept as pets).

I remember seeing one little squirrel in particular that was on a bench next to these young girls who were enjoying their lunch, I stopped and said to my group “Aww a squirrel!” and I began taking photos of the cute little critter, the girl next to it looked over and let out a small scream – her friend replied with “Oh my God, you’re acting like you have never seen a squirrel” if she was talking me, nope not in person, if she was talking to her friend, I could understand how it might startle her.

My favourite section was the seeing the Alice in Wonderland statue, what a beautiful statue that unfortunately had little kids all over it. So this is the best picture I could get without some damn child on it!

We then ventured further into Central Park to come across the famous Central Park Zoo that reminds us all of that famous Dream Works film ‘Madagascar’! We didn’t go in as we were preparing ourselves for the Bronx Zoo (for another day), but the exterior looked lovely, but it looked like it was a small zoo.

After a very long day at Central Park seeing every inch possible in a day, we headed off to go and see the Yankees play the Dodgers at Yankee Stadium.  We caught the wrong train of course going to Yankee Stadium, we ended in Harlem where a lovely older man approached us and immediately said to us “You ladies are in the wrong place, where are you going?” we replied with “Yankees stadium, we caught the wrong train” and he helped us from there, telling us exactly which train to get onto, thank you man for helping us out! Also remember how I said I felt like I was going to fall over? I did… onto another passenger… sorry mate.

Our small group got off the train and headed to Yankees Stadium where thousands of fans flocked the stadium and the McDonald’s next door. I embarrassingly only had a USD$100 note on me and paid for my very cheap McDonald’s bill with that making them having to check the authenticity and speaking to the manager. Once that embarrassing scene ended we got a table and ate our food and watched a real life meme, the RENT IS TOO HIGH guy make his speech and get photos with “fans”.


We finished our food and got inside and headed straight for the merchandise store, got our shirts and caps and we were ready for our first Baseball game!

Okay Baseball is fun to watch and all, but why does it go for 4 hours??? Why does your football go for 4 hours??? Such a long time! But I very much enjoyed it with the great atmosphere and the vendors balancing every snack you could think of on their shoulders and head.

It was such a great, very hot, day we had!

Will post again on Thursday, so watch out for Part 2 coming! I hope you liked this, let me know what you think of New York if you have been or if you are planning to go!

All photos were taken by me



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