The Lady in the Van (2015)

The Lady in the Van, a story of an elderly woman named Miss Shepherd, whom is in a van, at a cross road, she accidentally gets involved in hitting a young man who was on his motorcycle. Miss Shepherd flees from the police, after the event, she becomes a woman who lives in her van, driving up and down a street in Camden Town.

Miss Shepherd (played by the 2 time Academy Award winner and countless nominations, Maggie Smith) is a bitter elderly woman, who has no manners, but she her reactions and words is what makes her so comical, you can’t help but adore her. She moves her van up and down parking in front of other people’s houses, some not very welcoming, some a bit more, others just put up with her. One day Miss Shephard meets Alan Bennett (played by Alex Jennings), a young 30-something play writer who moves in to Camden Town. Alan begins getting to know her, but still keeping his distance as he battles with his own world of conflicting thoughts and way to approach things in his mind down to his mother falling ill. 

When Miss Shepherd is faced with eviction from the street, Alan feels sorry and allows her to park her van in his driveway.

The Lady in the Van was originally book, written by the real life Alan Bennett is based on a true story of his and Miss Shepherd’s life. Fun fact, the real Alan makes a cameo, and to me, there were two Harry Potter references from Miss Shepherd (or I am just a huge fan of Harry Potter and believed they were and it was all a coincidence, but I believe it wasn’t)

This movie was beautiful, funny and sad with heart warming moments. The music is beautiful, so beautiful I bought it on iTunes, the score is called “Piano Concerto, No. 1 in E Minor, Op.11: II. Romanze – Larghetto” Long name, long score, it goes for 9:58 minutes, but it so beautiful, so worth a listen.

I have recommended this to people who have asked me about it, so I recommend this movie to you all! I give this movie a rating 4 1/2 ★★★★

To find out more information on this movie, go to the IMDB page

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