ZOOLANDER 2 (2016)

Annnnnndddd I am back! Yes I had a bit of a break from writing, wasn’t at my computer for a while, I have been busy and with the excitement of the Academy Awards, I was very rush, rush seeing as many Academy Award nominated films! That being said, I did take some time out to watch some mindless comedies, which brings me to this film, Zoolander 2.

Ahh Zoolander, the cult following film of 2001, I was 9 years old when this film came out, but I didn’t watch it till I was 12 years old, didn’t understand many of the sexual references until I was a teenager, this film always makes me laugh no matter how stupid it is. This movie is one of my go to films when I don’t need to think, I appreciate this film for what it was, I have seen worse films, but this film just had a certain charm.

So fast forward to the present, the weekend that Zoolander 2 came out, I had no need to see it right away, it would be a film I would go and see if there wasn’t anything else to see, but my friend wanted to see a movie with me, the last movie I had see on my check list for the Academy Awards was Brooklyn, but she wasn’t interested in seeing that film and having already seen most of the films showing, I said as a joke, Zoolander 2, she laughed but we decided, why not. Let’s go and see a stupid film.

9pm on a Friday night, after a nice dinner we rolled back on over to the cinema and made our way to the theatre, we had no expectations for this movie at all, we had no idea what we got ourselves into, we hadn’t really seen the trailer, so the story was not known to us.

As the movie began, they showed a time line of what had happened from 2001 when Zoolander was last seen opening his Library “the Derek Zoolander Centre For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too”, but unfortunately, it collapsed killing his wife Matilda and damaging Zoolander’s best male model buddy, Hanson (~who is still so hot right now~). This then makes Zoolander a sole parent to his young child that you see at the end of the film, but Zoolander, without much knowledge on how to raise a child, his child is taken away from him and put into an orphanage in Rome….. Yes. This then makes Zoolander retire from modelling world and become a “hermit crab” living in isolation where no one can find him.

One day the good looking celebrities of the world (cue Justin Beiber being murdered in….Rome outside of Sting’s house) and all posing in a photo before their death (I know, I know). Zoolander receives mail from Billy Zane his good friend (from the first movie) who helps Zoolander to come back to the modelling world and encourages him to get his son back, reunite with Hanson and find out why the good looking celebrities of the world are being murdered, it’s up to Zoolander and Hanson to solve the mystery.

A lot of slap stick comedy, runway walks, a jitterbug with a side of frozen chocolate gelatos, new technology such as Facebook that Zoolander doesn’t understand and so many cameos like in the first film, this movie was a good laugh with a friend, if you liked the first film, you will appreciate this film for what it was. Would I see it again? Sure, why not, but I can wait till it comes to AUS Netflix.

I give this film 2 1/2 ★★ 

 (It did make me laugh, so why not?)

For more information go to the IMDB page

The poster I used here


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