This movie was part of my Academy Awards movie adventure, my goal was to see EVERY Academy Best Picture nominated film, I managed to complete that goal, I had to turn people away and say “Sorry I am busy watching as many movies as possible this weekend”, but I still made it in time for Roller Derby.

Brooklyn was a great movie, I enjoyed it a lot, there could have been some references lost on me, I know an Irish lady who was surprised I enjoyed it, she thought I wouldn’t fully understand what was happening but I thought they explained it well at the start.

Set in the 1950’s, a young Irish girl by the name Eilis Lacey (played by the 2 time Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan), is given a chance to migrate to Brooklyn, New York, America, to live, work and study accounting. Her heart break’s that she has to leave her sister and her mother, but she feels that this is the right choice to give her more of a life than being stuck working in a shop for a horrible old lady who gives priority to those that are wealthy.

Eilis travels by boat meeting a woman who is sharing a room with her, who nurses her back to health after getting seriously sea sick, she finally arrives to America where she lives with fellow Irish Women migrants. Eilis is given a job by an Irish Father who lives in Brooklyn, arranged her housing, has gotten her a job and enrolled her into a book keeping course.

Not long after when she joins her fellow roommates at a dance for the Irish migrants, she meets a young Italian man by the name of Tony Fiorello (played by Emory Cohen), who asks Eilis to dance and begins to court her. The romance blossoms until tragedy strikes at home and faces the tough decision of going home or staying, will she want to stay when she goes home or will she come running home is the question that Eilis has to deal with.

The acting is well done on both parties, but the actor who stole the movie for me was Emory Cohen as the cheeky Italian man who sweeps Eilis off her feet, he was charming and funny, you just wanted to know his story so much. Saoirse Ronan was great as Eilis Lacey, but at times, I felt annoyed with her, but other than that when she had to act broken hearted, you could see the character and really feel for her, her nomination for the Academy Awards was well deserved.

The story was something else, I really did enjoy this film, and I would recommend to people, you don’t really have to know the full back story of why she had to leave as they do show and tell you in the film.

I give this movie 4 ★★★★ 

For more information on this movie, you can go to the IMDB Page

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