Celebrating the Oscars in Hollywood

As you all can tell by now, yes I have been to Hollywood and I am one the few that actually enjoy being in Hollywood because I love the history and love film making and seeing the behind the scenes.

As you may or may not know, the Oscars are happening on Sunday,
28th February 2016 (for Australia, that is Monday morning on 29th February. YES I AM TAKING THE DAY OFF WORK TO WATCH THE ACADEMY AWARDS, DON’T JUDGE ME!)


Last year, when I found out that I was going to in the US the SAME time as the Academy Awards, I couldn’t be any more excited! Trust me, everyone was sick of me, all I would say is “I am so excited for Hollywood on Oscar day”, “I hope I get to see something!”, “I need to find a place to watch it!” and so on and so forth!

My friend and I tried to get tickets from the Academy Awards official lottery to get seats in the fan zone on the red carpet, unfortunately we were unsuccessful, but I was determined to make this a special day for my friend and I, well mostly for me, because this was my day! I was so excited, your really can’t understand how excited I was.  I was on Google every day to find an awesome place to view the Oscars, I looked all the parties (I was going to sacrifice my fear of crowds and parties if I had too) that were happening on that day but they were so expensive or you had to donate a large sum of money!

Feeling a little defeated that I had to be either a celebrity or had some good cash; I found out that the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood was having an Oscar viewing party with a 3 course meal. The site I found said it was USD$99 which we thought was really good in comparison to the other places, but unfortunately the price went up, but that was fine with us, it wasn’t too much more, it came to USD$12. I was keeping in touch with the organisers to make sure we got our tickets as we were coming from Australia and we had a massive trip ahead of us before we got close to Hollywood.


Our last night in New Orleans, I got the email from the organisers who were so wonderful and answered every question I had, even though my emails were probably annoying them! But they were super and assured us that we were on the list and that we had good seats. They sent us the menu and I had no knowledge what they were offering on the courses as the food seemed very fancy for my basic menu knowledge, but I was excited regardless of the lack of fancy culinary cuisine.

The day finally arrived, I was so excited, my friend and I had the television on while we just lazed around in the morning watching the morning shows, all talking about the Oscars, then I went and got us breakfast from Starbucks that was near our hotel, we watched a very odd show that is now very controversial, but at the time we thought it was hilariously psychotic, we watched 19 Kids in Counting.

We got ready and headed down to the Hollywood Walk of fame; I did read that the Academy block off 40 streets, especially a major road right near our hotel, so we had to go the back way, where we got to see the Magic Castle. (I have always wanted to go to the Magic Castle; I am a huge lover of Magic!) After a few snaps of photos, we continued along, pass a tone of Police men as they were guarding the streets we were not allowed to go down in.  When we reached a street that was not guarded, we followed it down to the walk of fame and saw the set up! MASSIVE chained fences, but I managed to take some terrible photos on my iPhone of what I could see.

It ended up pouring rain for a bit as we ran back to our hotel with my friend yelling “I THOUGHT IT NEVER RAINS IN LA!” and I confirmed that it did, just not often. But Jimmy Kimmel made the joke of everyone panicking because it was raining. We continued to chill out in the hotel just eating heaps and watching all the Oscar specials, and then it was time to get changed and ready to roll on down to the Roosevelt. I wore my adorable dress that had cats all over it which the lady who was running it thought was adorable and even some of the other patrons complimented my dress, it was so cool! I usually am not fond of compliments because it makes me feel awkward, but that day it made feel like I was part of the Oscars!

When we got there, we were helped to our table, my friend got the booth side because of her back pain, where I took the seat opposite her (not going to lie, I was a little annoyed because she didn’t need to keep turning around like I had too!! But she had back pain and I can understand, I have hurt my back from Roller Derby and it’s not fun). We were given champagne on arrival and a bag of popcorn, the envelopes were cleverly the menu and the Oscar print drinks menu was lovely.



It was an amazing experience to be a part of, the atmosphere was wonderful! Everyone cheering and clapping as we watched it on multiple televisions, I actually think one table was playing bingo a long to it which would have been fun! One of the guys a couple of tables from us was looking so nervous during the ‘Best Foreign Film’ award announcement, turns out he actually helped make this film, he was so happy when they won, he was texting and calling people.

That night was such a great night, weird fancy food, not very nice cocktails, great atmosphere and lovely people.  I really didn’t want the night to end. When the night ended, we head back to the hotel and watched the Oscar addition of Jimmy Kimmel.

So if you are wondering what to do and you are a little strapped for cash, but you still want to splurge a little for this event, I recommend the Roosevelt Hotel Oscar Viewing Party, they do take care of you very well. Fun Fact: The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood was the first venue for the Academy Awards! History in that place!

The next day we went down and got to take a few photos of them taking down the red carpet and statues and barriers, when it was all done and gone, it was like nothing happened.

You can see there website http://www.thehollywoodroosevelt.com/

The room we were in is http://www.thehollywoodroosevelt.com/dining/public-kitchen-and-bar and you can contact them by email through this website.

All photos were taken by me



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