The Revenant (2015)

Straight after I saw the Danish Girl (here is my review: on the same day, Sunday, I finally got to see the Revenant, this movie too was about to leave our cinema, it had been on for a while.

The Revenant is set in 1820’s, a group of American’s are on an expedition, unfortunately, the expedition is a dangerous adventure, encountering Native American’s who will attack and try and pillage their goods.

The acting was wonderful as you would expect with such a great cast, Leonardo DiCaprio fantastic as always. Leonardo DiCaprio took on the role of Hugh Glass, one of men in the expedition that this movie was based around. Hugh Glass, a man who was once married to a Native America woman who was shot by a soldier, was left to raise his son Hawk. During the expedition, all I could think was, Hugh has the worst luck, one scene after the other, he just had something bad happen to him, like the famous scene, even if you haven’t seen this film, you know about the massive Bear mauling attack.

Tom Hardy was also someone you couldn’t help but watch as he is played a very insane and strange man, you wanted to know what his character, J0hn Fitzgerald would do next.

To be honest, as much as I did like this film, they could have made this film a bit shorter, as I felt that it went a bit too long. The film was gory which I don’t mind, but if you are bit squeamish, you have been warned. The cinematography was gorgeous, the snowy cap mountains and the iced lake, it was lovely, but you could feel the coldness (or was that just the cinema I was in?) and the struggle it would have been trying to keep yourself warm. The writing was fantastic, the story was interesting and you just wanted to know what would happen next, it kept you on the edge, but at times some spots got a bit too slow and you had to wait for a full scene to be over to wait for something to pick up again.

Sorry this review was a bit late. I give this film 3 and a half stars ★★★☆

I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it will be a film I will watch again, but I am very glad that I did get to see it. So if you do want to see it, but not sure that you will like it, do watch, but it may not be a film that you would say “MUST WATCH AGAIN!”

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  1. I hear you! As much as I feel this is Leo’s ticket to an Oscar (finally!), I also thought it went for waaaaay too long. I would have banged it out in 90 mins max lol. But a definite must see for anyone regardless of length and lack of Leo dialogue 😉

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