The Danish Girl (2015)

On Sunday, I finally got around to seeing the Danish Girl in theatres; it’s on its last legs before it gets the boot out of the cinema to make way for new films. Surprisingly, there was a good turnout, not sold out or packed, but a good handful of people were in the theatre.

The Danish Girl, a man named Enair Wegener who is a wonderful painter and a happily married man, married to Gerda Wegener who is also an amazing painter, has suppressed who he really is until one day, Gerda who was painting a portrait of a woman, the model didn’t show up and Gerda needed someone to model for her, she asked Enair, but to his dismay, he agreed as he would do anything for his wife. Enair was fixated on the dress that was handed to him, the stockings and the shoes, every minute he spent holding onto the dress, he felt something different. Enair’s cousin Ulla gave Enair the name Lilie when witnessing Enair modelling for Gerda’s painting. The idea of Enair to attend the Artist party for Enair to dress as Lilie then began the story of Eniar Wegener to Lilie Elbe.

This movie, I adore this movie, the story, the characters, the actors and the period in time. Every main character were so likeable, you just have to give props to Gerda who pretty much lost her husband Enair because he was confused and wasn’t sure of who he was anymore, who wanted to be Lilie.

The acting was great, Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne who is currently up for another Academy Award this year for the Danish Girl, is well deserving as his performance was a joy to watch, him transitioning from a man to a woman and really diving deep into Enair then to Lilie who had a different personality to Enair was just wonderful. Mr Redmayne had the acting skills to pull off the warm and lovable to the heartache and sorrow of the transitioning of Enair to Lilie, his range was wonderful.

Alicia Vikander who played Enair’s wife, you just couldn’t look away, her presence on screen and the chemistry with the other cast members was fantastic, Alicia was able to bring to life Gerda, I adored every moment she was on screen. Gerda who is played by Alicia was such a strong independent woman who you really could feel for; she was wonderful to understand her husband’s change even though she just wanted Enair to be Enair, not Lilie.

What I really liked about this film, it showed the reactions and the motions of everyone in this film, not just Enair who had the largest change, but it showed how each of the characters were affected by Enair’s decision to become Lilie, I loved the chain reaction.

This movie is based on a true story from Lilie Elbe’s memoires which you can find here: Man into Woman: The First Sex Change

I absolutely recommend this film so much; I really hope it does well at the Oscar’s.

I give this film 4 1/2 stars ★★★★

For more information on the film, check out the IMDB page.

The film poster is from:×917/the-danish-girl-eddie-redmayne.jpg

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