Deadpool (2016)

Friday Night, I went with a friend to see Deadpool at the movies, I already had an idea what it was going to be like as I have seen him in comic books and had also seen the trailer multiple times.

Deadpool was a mix of Comedy and in its own special way, a little bit of Drama, which you would expect in an origin story as they would have the back story of their rock bottom time that makes them who they are, even for the anti-hero as Deadpool. With a lot of gruesome action, but mostly comedy, you can care for the character because of his origin story in a weird and wonderful twisted way!

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it really didn’t take its self seriously at all, it pretty much poked fun at other franchise films and its own future franchise, just watch the intro credits and you will understand the set up I am talking about.

The clip that you wait for at the end of the credits like you do every other marvel film is very different and very Deadpool like; I won’t say anything else about that.

Great casting, including the lead, Ryan Reynolds, who has been forgiven for the Green Lantern, he has really become Deadpool (even check out some interviews, Ryan even interviews as Deadpool).

I recommend seeing it, but I don’t recommend taking kids, here in Australia, out rating is MA 15+, so anyone 15 and over can see it, and that is a suitable rating, kids 14 and under, I don’t recommend too. But everyone else who is the right age and is open to a lot of profanity, violence, drugs, sex and nudity, by all means go and see Deadpool!

I give this film 4 stars ★★★★

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