Always wanted a cat, but you’re not allowed because of where you live or who you live with? Well look no further than the Catmosphere Cafe!

If you live in Sydney or are visiting Sydney and you are craving that kitty affection, then Catmosphere is a good place to go to. 

What is a cat cafe? Do they serve food and drinks with cats shaped food and it’s a cat themed cafe (but that would be cute!) or worse, do they serve me cats to eat or drink? NO! A cat cafe is where you grab a hot beverage of your choice from the friendly barristers who at this cafe, were also the owners, and depending what you booking you choose from, either the Adult Cats or Kittens, you have time to just chill out in a room with them. No food allowed for obvious reason, but at the end they give you a ginger bread cat shaped cookie which is adorable and tasty!



Thanks to Wikipedia, here is a little history on Cat Cafe’s (link at the end of the post):

“The world’s first cat café, “Cat Flower Garden”, opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998″

Fun fact, there is currently 15 cat cafes in Tokyo alone. 

I attended with my mother, I have my own cat and am crazy for cats that I even wore a dress with cats all over them, it was a once in a life time experience I though. We didn’t really have any idea of what was going to happen, so when we arrived (you need to arrive 15 minutes before the allocated booking time), choose your beverage (chose a hot chocolate, not the best, but still good, my mum got a cappuccino, but she hated it, so not the greatest coffee makers, but are so friendly!) and you wait for them to let you know when you can go into the room to see the cats.

We chose to hang out with the kittens, so that means only 30 minutes with the kittens, where as you get a full hour with the adult cats, I didn’t mind as I think an hour might be too long, but I have my own cat at home so that could be why I didn’t mind. We were the first group which was at 10am, so they would be a bit livelier and have eaten.

When we entered we got to see all the adorable cats! In the room was only my mum, a random guy and I. But when you get to the room, you can see why it was only us three, the room was pretty small, but it’s a great well kept room for the kittens and the two mumma cats (there were predominately ginger cats and one smoky grey and white cat).



We spoke to the guy who was with us and said that he can’t have cats where he lives so he likes to visit the cafe; it was his second time and had already planned his 3rd visit.

The ginger cats were very playful and adorable, they just wrestled with each other and climbed their little scratching post’s, one ginger cat was so affectionate that he kept jumping at me for more pats, then eventually sat on the guy’s lap who was sitting on the black couch that was in the room.


When finished our little meet and greet with the kitties, we went out and there was a little basin with soap to and disinfected to wash up after touching all the cats. There was already another group waiting to go in next after us. We got our cookie and even some merch. My mum and I bought a shirt and a mug to remember our day at the Catmosphere cafe.

What is great, that the money that you spend goes towards taking care of the cats, also they have an option to adopt a cat, and so if you have fallen in love with one, you have the option to adopt, even if you choose the Kitten + Coffee that has says adoption program, you do not have to adopt if you choose the Kitten package.

Would we go ago? Maybe, I wouldn’t go back right away, it was great, but it might be a onetime thing, I would go again if I didn’t have my beautiful fur baby at home. The staff were friendly, the cats were adorable, the beverages were so so but the cookies were nice.

The price was $22 per person, this including a beverage, a cookie and the meet and greet with the cat’s.

The different options are: Kittens, Adult Cats, Yoga with the cats (yes you did read that correctly, yoga with the cats) and Movies with the cats (but that one is pretty expensive)

Catmosphere Cafe website, go to the website to book and to learn more about the Catmosphere Cafe:

Cat Cafe Wiki link:

All Photos taken by me. Sorry for the low quality, I took these on my iPhone.



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